“Environment 24/7 provides excellent lessons for all employees to use to create and develop an environmentally responsible culture. It takes a commitment from the CEO to senior management to the front line for companies to successfully develop a safety culture. This book will initiate the important next step of aggressively focusing on the environment.”

James C. Day
Retired Chairman, CEO and President,
Noble Corporation


“In today’s world,communities, industry and commerce are rapidly changing landscapes. The impacts of these changes affect our natural areas, wildlife and society as a whole. Encouraging environmental awareness and fostering a culture of conservation within organizations is key to ensuring a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future. Environment 24/7 helps define the commitment needed from all of us to protect and conserve our precious environmental gifts.”

Jack H. Hole,
Past Chairman,
Ducks Unlimited Canada


“Protecting the quality of the nation’s groundwater is the duty of all natural resource extraction activities, including oil and gas development, mining, and other environmentally dependent industries. More difficult, but equally important, is recognition of their relationship to future water supply needs. Environment 24/7 provides all stakeholders an opportunity to promote an understanding of what is truly important in protecting and sustaining ground water resources for future generations.”

Michel J. Paque, CAE,
Executive Director,
Ground Water Protection Council


“We had the honor of serving at the EPA in the administration of President George H.W. Bush and his administrator, Bill Reilly. President Bush inspired us when he said he wanted to be remembered as the environmental president. We were privileged to play a part in implementing his vision. While the world has made significant environmental strides in the intervening two decades, much more needs to be done. As our friend Tom Williams and his colleagues, Greg Anderson and Rich Haut, point out in Environment 24/7,we must have a culture of environmental stewardship. We know, having worked at the EPA, that government has a key role, but fundamental changes in personal and organizational behavior are the ultimate keys to protecting our health and environment.”

– Charles L. Grizzle, Former Assistant Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
– LaJuana S.Wilcher, Former Assistant Administrator for Water, Environmental Protection Agency
– Kelly K. Sinclair, Former White House Liaison & Counselor to the Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency



  "Building a culture of environmental awareness is never simple, but success is easy to measure each day the sun comes up."

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